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Tutorial: Cap sleeve doll dress sewing pattern for Blythe Middie iMda Barbie MH MDD Pure Neemo XS

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This design is my all time favourite. I have used it for years when sewing for my Etsy shop. It provides a wonderful basis for a wide variety of styles. The tutorial shows in detail how to sew it, and more importantly, what is done to the dress after sewing.

The tutorial has lots of photos and also two videos.

Instructions are included for how to scale any of the patterns to work for a doll in a different size (but similar shape).

The design works for dolls with a flat or modest bust. It does not work for dolls with a generous bust.

Includes suggestions for how to vary the dress.

1 dress design, with patterns for 11 different dolls:

  • Blythe, Middie Blythe, Pure Neemo XS/Ruruko.
  • Barbie (modern body, Silkstone), Curvy Barbie, Monster High.
  • iMda 1.7, 2.2, 2.6, 3.0, 4.3. (These are ball jointed dolls ranging from 17 to 43 cm in height.)

Other dolls that fit these patterns:

  • Blythe size: Most Pullip bodies, Licca*, Pure Neemo S, Lillycat Cerisedolls Chibbi.
  • iMda 3.0: Connie Lowe's Little Stella and Little Ruth. 30cm body MYou dolls.
  • iMda 4.3: MiniFee Active Line cutie and small* bust, Forever Virginia's Briar Kid, Supiadoll MiniSup, Iplehouse K.I.D.

*: The bodice may be a little tight on these.

- - - Required tools/materials - - -

• Printer, ruler, scissors

• Sewing machine

• Cotton fabric, thread

• Fabric marking tool

• A pair of locking forceps

• Iron

• Pins and sewing needle

• Blunt knitting needle, point turner or similar

• Small snaps

- - - Terms - - -

Copyright © Tirin & Katten 2016-2019

The patterns, text, and photos may not be shared, sold or otherwise distributed.

You may sell items made from this pattern. If you do, you must give Tirin & Katten credit for the

design. The credits must be easily visible to potential buyers before purchase. This goes for all

selling venues including but not limited to online stores and conventions, and also when the

dress is sold as part of a package, for example if you make the dress for a custom doll to wear.

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