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Tutorial: Doll pants sewing pattern for Blythe, Barbie, Curvy Barbie, iMda 3.0, iMda 4.3, MDD

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  • 75-page A4 PDF file for download. Printable on A4 and US Letter.
  • Skill level: Beginner.
  • Support via email or messaging is included.

Detailed instructions for how to make a pair of doll pants, either plain with no pockets, or with integrated front pockets. The waistband is nicely lined.

Instructions for back pockets, coin pockets and belt loops are provided separately towards the end of the document, plus ideas for how the pants can be varied, including jeans distressing.

The tutorial has lots of photos and also links to a handful short videos.

1 pant design with a choice of two leg styles (narrow and bootcut). Patterns for 7 different dolls:

  • Blythe (Bonus flared leg style included for this size only)
  • Barbie
  • Curvy Barbie
  • iMda 3.0
  • iMda 4.3
  • Mini Dollfie Dream (regular body, not the new Mochi-Ashi)
  • SmartDoll

Other dolls that fit these patterns:

  • Blythe size fits most Pullip bodies, if you add about 3 cm to the length.
  • Blythe size fits most of the bodies that are commonly used for Blythe, such as Licca and Pure Neemo S.
  • iMda 3.0 size printed at 115% fits Iplehouse K.I.D. You may want to add 1 cm to the length.

There is also a chapter on pattern scaling to help you sew for other dolls that have a similar shape.

Tools: I recommend to use a sewing machine, but if you have some experience with hand sewing, there is no reason why that shouldn't work. A pair of locking forceps is also handy, and a narrow glue stick. Other than that, it's normal sewing tools like iron, scissors, pins, fabric marker/pencil etc.

Materials: Medium weight cotton for the pants and very lightweight cotton for the waistband lining.

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