Tirin & Katten


My name is Eva Hovelsrød. I live in Norway, near the capital Oslo, with my husband and children. I have been running Tirin & Katten from home since 2015. The name is a word play on my parents’ names.

I never knew I loved fabric and sewing until I discovered dolls in 2013 via my interest in knitting. I started out sewing for Blythe and found a very friendly and supportive online community. Because I was convinced I would soon tire of my new-found interest, as I often do, I visited BlytheCon in Amsterdam that same year, to really take in this strange new world. Dolls are an outlet for all kinds of interests: Sewing, knitting, wig making, building, interior design, photography, and more. Each field in turn has myriad options. If I feel less inspired I can dress a different doll, or maybe try a different style - that’s all it takes. So here I am, 7 years later, as eager as ever to dress dolls, and to help others experience the joy of making little garments.

Part of making is sourcing materials. I will happily spend hours looking at fabric in online shops and local stores. I like to play a little game when I shop in physical stores for fabric or clothes: To guess the fibre(s) before I look at the label. I have learned a lot over the last few years and I try to communicate some of that in my tutorials. I hope you learn something new, too. Maybe you end up trying a new fabric, and finding that it changes everything. Because it really can.

I am also passionate about usability, no doubt because of my background in computer science. (I worked in the field for 15 years). I aim for the tutorials to be accessible to everyone including those without much sewing experience, but at the same time I want to keep instructions short and concise. It's a constant battle.